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Farrah Fazal

Farrah Fazal

I-Team Reporter Farrah Fazal came to KSDK TV in February of 2013 from South Texas and after a journalistic exchange trip to Pakistan. She worked just a few miles from the U.S. Mexico border for three years. She covered the drug cartels, border violence and illegal immigration. She's reported from the middle of hurricanes and tornadoes, flown in helicopters along the border, and and tracked terrorists crossing  into the United States.

Her investigative stories helped expose the vulnerability of the border, triggered hearings in the Homeland Security Committee and showed the difficult journey migrants make to come into the U.S.  She's also worked in front and behind the camera at TV stations in Florida, Montana, Nebraska.  She was born in Africa and lived in England and Canada.
Farrah loves to connect with viewers. Send her an email, call her, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus if you have a story idea for her.

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Stories by Farrah Fazal

More problems at Harlan Court Apartments

The lights are on in the hallway, the feces and vomit are gone from a second floor landing, and some of the plumbing problems are fixed.

Nasheed defends her civil disobedience in Ferguson

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed said she broke the law in Ferguson Monday night to make a point. She said her civil disobedience was to push a message of peace.

Nasheed arrested for walking in roadway

Police have released details about State Senator Jamilah Nasheed's arrest Monday night in Ferguson.

Nurses' union demands higher Ebola standard

Union nurses at Saint Louis University Hospital said they do not have enough training to take care of an Ebola patient.

St. Louis prepares for possible Ebola cases

Doctors and nurses in St. Louis are 550 miles away from Dallas, Texas, but the mistakes there in the battle against Ebola, are lessons here.

Protesters begin Ferguson marches

Protesters took to the streets around the Ferguson Police Department Monday morning as part of Ferguson October's "Moral Monday" day of civil disobedience.

Biggest voices are youngest during Ferguson protest

Beside the biggest voices behind the bullhorn, were the youngest voices in the crowd in Ferguson, Missouri, Saturday night.

Ebola precautions for Lambert, St. Louis

The list of airports with enhanced health screenings in light of the Ebola outbreak does not include Lambert, however Lambert does have connecting flights to all of those cities.

Normandy students jam with jazz great

The Normandy jazz band didn't exist for a long time until recently. The new band doesn't have a lot of practice yet, and not a lot of experience, but the students' passion is never ending. Last Friday, the young musicians played for modern jazz icon Wynton Marsalis.

Nearly half of SLMPD recruits are minorities

Half of the St. Louis Police Department's new class of recruits are minorities. Monday was their first day at the academy.