Farrah Fazal

Farrah Fazal

I-Team Reporter Farrah Fazal came to KSDK TV in February of 2013 from South Texas and after a journalistic exchange trip to Pakistan. She worked just a few miles from the U.S. Mexico border for three years. She covered the drug cartels, border violence and illegal immigration. She's reported from the middle of hurricanes and tornadoes, flown in helicopters along the border, and and tracked terrorists crossing  into the United States.

Her investigative stories helped expose the vulnerability of the border, triggered hearings in the Homeland Security Committee and showed the difficult journey migrants make to come into the U.S.  She's also worked in front and behind the camera at TV stations in Florida, Montana, Nebraska.  She was born in Africa and lived in England and Canada.
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Stories by Farrah Fazal

Accused sex traffickers make court appearance

Two accused sex traffickers, Marcus and Robin Thompson, of Park Hills, Missouri, went to federal court in East St. Louis to face charges of sex trafficking Friday.

Victim of trafficking, 15, said girl died in her arms

Federal agents are in a race against time to find child victims of sex trafficking in the St. Louis area.

Community gathers to mourn Jamyla Bolden

A different kind of demonstration was held in Ferguson Thursday night, a vigil for a nine-year-old murder victim.

75,000 square foot medical marijuana facility opening in Illinois

Revolution Industries CEO Tim McGraw called it the most sophisticated, technologically advanced facility in the world.

Peacekeepers hope to calm crowds

A woman of the cloth walked deliberately between the line of police and the protesters.

Unlikely friends: Protester and police chief

One is a protester. One is a police chief. But now they are just Bruce and Sam to each other.

Man vandalized, tried to burn down church

Detectives believe a suspected arsonist is hiding somewhere in St. Charles County, and they are determined to find him.

Interim director of STL VA considering full-time role

She not only talked to us, but she told us she was considering applying for the job permanently.

Taxi Commission slams brakes on Uber

Commissioners said they came to vote but the Mayor and the County executive asked them to not take a vote.

Firefighters rescue pet after outage

Some people lost fridge-fulls of food. One woman wasn't worried about her fridge. She cared about her dog.