Farrah Fazal

Farrah Fazal

I-Team Reporter Farrah Fazal came to KSDK TV in February of 2013 from South Texas and after a journalistic exchange trip to Pakistan. She worked just a few miles from the U.S. Mexico border for three years. She covered the drug cartels, border violence and illegal immigration. She's reported from the middle of hurricanes and tornadoes, flown in helicopters along the border, and and tracked terrorists crossing  into the United States.

Her investigative stories helped expose the vulnerability of the border, triggered hearings in the Homeland Security Committee and showed the difficult journey migrants make to come into the U.S.  She's also worked in front and behind the camera at TV stations in Florida, Montana, Nebraska.  She was born in Africa and lived in England and Canada.
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Stories by Farrah Fazal

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Violent robbers are hitting three major South City areas

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