Heidi Glaus

Heidi Glaus

Heidi Glaus is an award-winning reporter for KSDK and ksdk.com who focuses on the positive news in St. Louis.  Heidi also does a weekly segment “Hey Heidi” in which she goes in search of an answer to a viewer’s question. When not at work, Heidi likes to be in the sun with friends and family or listening to live music.   

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Stories by Heidi Glaus

Hey Heidi: What's the significance of Louie?

The NHL playoffs are underway and the Blues take the ice at 8:30 p.m. But it's the team's mascot that Mary Bryan has a question about.

Hey Heidi: Where does Lambert get its name?

If you've ever wondered where Lambert-St. Louis International Airport gets its name, you're not alone, and it's that very question Linda Kingsley submitted for this week's Hey Heidi.

Hey Heidi: What's the history of Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery?

Every year more than 4,000 people are buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. Julie Wright wants to know who was the first soldier buried there, and who's the most famous person buried at the cemetery.

Hey Heidi: The legend of the Piasa bird

It's a painting that's hard to miss along the Great River Road, and Marlene Shockley wants to know the story behind it.

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Why do bridges & overpasses freeze before interstates?

These last few weeks of winter have been nasty and the snow and ice have made your commute a little scary at times. It's those roads that Allen Morgan has a question about.