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Heidi Glaus

Heidi Glaus

Heidi Glaus is an award-winning reporter for KSDK and who focuses on the positive news in St. Louis.  Heidi also does a weekly segment “Hey Heidi” in which she goes in search of an answer to a viewer’s question. When not at work, Heidi likes to be in the sun with friends and family or listening to live music.   

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Stories by Heidi Glaus

Hey Heidi: What's under the Lemp Brewery?

You see it from Interstate 55, an old brewery complex that covers more than 10 acres. It's that old Lemp Brewery that Rose Meyer has a question about.

Inside the Lemp Brewery caverns

Thursday morning on "Today in St. Louis" Heidi Glaus will take us inside the caverns underneath the old Lemp Brewery.

Adding a little spice to the classroom

Teaching the basics of cooking

One on one with the stars of Constantine

From the Royal Shakespeare Company to a TV show based on a comic book

Hey Heidi: Why does STL Bread Co. have 2 names?

It's been in St. Louis since 1987, but a lot has changed in 27 years at Saint Louis Bread Company, including its name.

The Little Bit Foundation makes a huge difference

The Little Bit Foundation makes a huge difference

Proof the The Fabulous Fox is haunted

The Fabulous Fox in a different light

Hey Heidi: The hippo high atop Wash. Ave.

It's something you may not have ever noticed: a hippo sitting high atop Washington Avenue! But Emily Dittmer did, and she wonders about it every time she walks by.

A tiny train empire in Maryland Heights

It's not a toy, it's a passion