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Heidi Glaus

Heidi Glaus

Heidi Glaus is an award-winning reporter for KSDK and who focuses on the positive news in St. Louis.  Heidi also does a weekly segment “Hey Heidi” in which she goes in search of an answer to a viewer’s question. When not at work, Heidi likes to be in the sun with friends and family or listening to live music.   

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Stories by Heidi Glaus

Hey Heidi: How are Goodwill donations managed?

Last year the St. Louis area Goodwills had about $1.2 million in donations. But have you ever wondered what happens after all that stuff is dropped off?

Hey Heidi: How do they decorate?

It's the magical time of the year when our city and the surrounding communities are all decked out for the holidays.

Top 10 photo galleries of 2014

A look back at's biggest photo galleries of 2014.

Hey Heidi: What happens to MoBOT's veggies?

The Missouri Botanical Garden is decked out for the holidays. But there's something else there that had Sarah Shipley wondering. She wanted to know what happens to the fruits and vegetables grown at the garden, so NewsChannel 5's Heidi Glaus found out.

Andy Cohen on his book & hometown

Enthusiastic talk show host Andy Cohen's job fits like a glove.

Hey Heidi: Why do birds stand on electrical lines?

It's something you've probably noticed, birds lining up on electrical lines, and Christine George and Mike Hamby want to know why.

Trick or treating for charity

Trick or treating for charity

Hey Heidi: What's being done to the Eads Bridge?

You may have noticed painters, carpenters and iron workers are hard at work on the Eads Bridge, but J. Ingram in Belleville wanted more information.