Heidi Glaus

Heidi Glaus

Heidi Glaus is an award-winning reporter for KSDK and ksdk.com who focuses on the positive news in St. Louis.  Heidi also does a weekly segment “Hey Heidi” in which she goes in search of an answer to a viewer’s question. When not at work, Heidi likes to be in the sun with friends and family or listening to live music.   

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Stories by Heidi Glaus

Hey Heidi: How do the digital highway signs work?

This week's Hey Heidi is a traffic-related question. Chris Hanford wants to know how the Missouri Department of Transportation clocks your commute using those big digital boards along the highway.

Hey Heidi: What's with the white elk at Grant's Farm?

It's a place more than 24 million people have visited since it opened in 1954. But back then they didn't have white elk, an animal, Nancy Burrell asked Heidi about it. She wanted to know if Grant's Farm is home to the largest captive herd of white elk.

New Goodwill Store has Drive-Thru

Fashions at a fraction of the price

Hey Heidi: How old is Forest Park's oldest tree?

The trees in Forest Park aren't only beautiful, they're valued at over $23 million. This week, Debbie Smith wants to know how old the oldest tree is inside the park.

A Celebration of St. Louis in Photographs

Our city through the eyes of citizens

Who does Heidi Glaus challenge to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Who does Heidi Glaus challenge to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

OTHS Marching Panthers march onto The Muny stage

Hitting on the right notes at The Muny

Hey Heidi: Where did 'The Hill' get its name?

This week's question for Heidi Glaus sent her to one of the most delicious neighborhoods in the area: The Hill.

Hey Heidi: What's the deal with the Sheraton's mural?

You've driven past it, maybe attended a wedding reception or a party there. Sheraton St. Louis City Center definitely catches your attention, and it's what Laura and Pete Taylor asked Heidi Glaus about for this week's Hey Heidi.

St. Louis teacher steals the show in Grease

Teressa Kindle brings audiences to their feet