Mike Rush

Mike Rush

5 on Your Side’s Mike Rush is either brave or stupid. People frequently slam doors in his face, call him nasty names and even throw his microphone, but Mike just keeps coming. His wife calls Mike a junkyard dog, because once he latches onto something, he doesn't let go. That might be an issue now and then when it comes to marital bliss, but in Mike's role as your 5 on Your Side investigative reporter, it's a good thing. Those people cursing and slamming things are usually doing something wrong that Mike wants to right. So if you're the victim of a scam, know of taxpayer waste, government corruption or another problem you'd like the junkyard dog to sink his teeth into, drop Mike a line. By the way, Mike himself is leaning toward stupid.

Email Mike Rush with your complaints and story ideas, or leave a message at 314-444-5231. When it comes to watching out for you and St. Louis, NewsChannel 5 is on your side!

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Stories by Mike Rush

Why St. Peters still has traffic cams up after ban

What's going on with the red light cameras in St. Peters?

Suspect in custody for murder of Jamyla Bolden

Police have apprehended a suspect in connection with the murder of 9-year-old Jamyla Bolden.

Residents worried about 'nose-piercing' smell

It's described as a nose-piercing smell so pungent it causes headaches and upset stomachs.

Woman says post office didn't know her street exists

One that stood out is the Kirkwood woman who, for more than a dozen years, has lived on a street it appears the post office did not know existed.

Sewage threatens to seep into homes

Some people in the Metro East are afraid to open their windows - not because of crime, but because of the smell.

More complaints about beauty school after KSDK story

More students of a local beauty school are coming forward with complaints.

Mailbox medicine delivered to wrong house, twice

The St. Peters woman says she accepted years ago that her mail delivery is unreliable.

School holding student loan money hostage

"There's something not right going on," said Dawn VanDiver.

Family says repeat DWI offender killed their son

Knezevic was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash but died.

Increased fines on dangerous stretch of I-55

It's a stretch of interstate that the Missouri Department of Transportation says is one of the most dangerous in our area.