Mike Rush

Mike Rush

5 on Your Side’s Mike Rush is either brave or stupid. People frequently slam doors in his face, call him nasty names and even throw his microphone, but Mike just keeps coming. His wife calls Mike a junkyard dog, because once he latches onto something, he doesn't let go. That might be an issue now and then when it comes to marital bliss, but in Mike's role as your 5 on Your Side investigative reporter, it's a good thing. Those people cursing and slamming things are usually doing something wrong that Mike wants to right. So if you're the victim of a scam, know of taxpayer waste, government corruption or another problem you'd like the junkyard dog to sink his teeth into, drop Mike a line. By the way, Mike himself is leaning toward stupid.

Email Mike Rush with your complaints and story ideas, or leave a message at 314-444-5231. When it comes to watching out for you and St. Louis, NewsChannel 5 is on your side!

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Stories by Mike Rush

Angry neighbors lash out at groundbreaking

A groundbreaking for a housing project in St. Louis Friday was overshadowed by a groundswell of anger.

Woman hit at intersection calls for change

A woman hit by a car at an Alton intersection is calling for change. To get the word out, she's taking her own video of what she considers a life-threatening situation.

Koster's office sues former softball tournament organizer

He was the focus of one of our most memorable 5 on Your Side Investigations, now the Missouri Attorney General's Office has filed a lawsuit against Elmo Green.

Run-down property frustrates neighbors

An unsightly mess in Jefferson County. Neighbors say they are fed up with a property that's grown into a forest.

Woman says city wrecked her fence

5 on your Side is attempting to mend fences between the city of St. Louis and some newly returned residents.

Florissant woman worries about sinking road

A Florissant woman fears she's watched for months as her taxpayer dollars disappear into a sinkhole. So she contacted 5 on your Side for answers.

Push to pass multi-billion dollar roads/bridges measure

Are you willing to pay higher taxes on the things you buy in exchange for safer roads and bridges? It's the basic question behind a complex decision Missouri voters will make next month.

Students worry as Everest College shuts down

Nearly a year of their lives and tens of thousands of dollars spent on an education some students fear is now useless.

Father charged with son's heroin death

A St. Francois County man is charged with second-degree murder after authorities say he refused to call for help when his son began to overdose on heroin.

Star Wars night at Busch excites fans

The Force is strong with St. Louis Cardinals fans Wednesday night.