Mike Rush

Mike Rush

5 on Your Side’s Mike Rush is either brave or stupid. People frequently slam doors in his face, call him nasty names and even throw his microphone, but Mike just keeps coming. His wife calls Mike a junkyard dog, because once he latches onto something, he doesn't let go. That might be an issue now and then when it comes to marital bliss, but in Mike's role as your 5 on Your Side investigative reporter, it's a good thing. Those people cursing and slamming things are usually doing something wrong that Mike wants to right. So if you're the victim of a scam, know of taxpayer waste, government corruption or another problem you'd like the junkyard dog to sink his teeth into, drop Mike a line. By the way, Mike himself is leaning toward stupid.

Email Mike Rush with your complaints and story ideas, or leave a message at 314-444-5231. When it comes to watching out for you and St. Louis, NewsChannel 5 is on your side!

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Stories by Mike Rush

Planned concrete plant stirs controversy

Other than an ugly view from their backyards, the neighbors fear noise pollution, dust in the air, increased traffic, and decreased property values.

Mother of victim speaks out about volunteer firefighter's sex charges

The mother of a boy who was allegedly sexually abused by a volunteer firefighter is speaking out.

Apartment still damaged two months after crash

A family wants to know why it's taking so long for their landlord to repair damage from the accident.

10 spots most STL car break-ins occur

'Five On Your Side Investigates' tells you the parking spots where you're most likely to get ripped off.

Alton officer in mace video on leave, under investigation

An Alton police officer seen on video spraying what appears to be mace at two handcuffed teenagers is on paid administrative leave during an internal investigation.

Scene of hit and run has a history

St. Louis County Police say on the busy stretch of Chambers Road there are not very many lights.

Targeting vacant houses to fight crime

You may have one in your neighborhood, or you may drive by one each day. Vacant houses are breeding grounds for crime spreading across our area.

Report criticizes some STL area policing

Dysfunctional and unsustainable-- that's how a police think-tank describes the state of policing in St. Louis.

Soldier surprises son at school after 9-month deployment

It looked like your typical day in a typical Maryland Heights classroom, but there was a secret plan in play to reveal a big surprise for a fifth grader.

Judge rules Ameren can cut down Des Peres trees

Some trees Ameren has said could help foster terrorism may be coming down.