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Mike Rush

Mike Rush

5 on Your Side’s Mike Rush is either brave or stupid. People frequently slam doors in his face, call him nasty names and even throw his microphone, but Mike just keeps coming. His wife calls Mike a junkyard dog, because once he latches onto something, he doesn't let go. That might be an issue now and then when it comes to marital bliss, but in Mike's role as your 5 on Your Side investigative reporter, it's a good thing. Those people cursing and slamming things are usually doing something wrong that Mike wants to right. So if you're the victim of a scam, know of taxpayer waste, government corruption or another problem you'd like the junkyard dog to sink his teeth into, drop Mike a line. By the way, Mike himself is leaning toward stupid.

Email Mike Rush with your complaints and story ideas, or leave a message at 314-444-5231. When it comes to watching out for you and St. Louis, NewsChannel 5 is on your side!

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Stories by Mike Rush

Ladue resident blames MSD for yard problems

A Ladue woman believes MSD is making a mess of her property with paint, flags, and a precarious situation involving trees in her backyard.

How Ebola impacts the economy

You probably have a better chance of Ebola threatening your finances, than effecting your health.


It hasn't happened here, but if someone was infected with Ebola it would be up to the hospitals and clinics on the front lines to keep it from spreading.

Archdiocese weighs in on Vatican document on homosexuality

The Archdiocese of St. Louis is warning against misinterpreting headlines coming out of the Vatican headlines that have many gay Catholics celebrating.

Ferguson protesters deliver political demands

Ferguson protesters took their message to politicians Monday, first visiting St. Louis City Hall, then chanting outside a fundraiser Senator Claire McCaskill was attending in Webster Groves.

Driving for dollars opportunity raises concerns

Drive your car for cash, sounds like a great deal. But before you get wrapped up in the idea of wrapping your car in advertising, 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush has a warning.

Chuck Todd on America's insecurities over Ebola, ISIS

From the ISIS terror threat to the spread of Ebola to failures in the security surrounding President Obama, there's a lot to talk about on this week's 'Meet the Press.'

Caseyville woman fired up over fire hydrant

They're instrumental in putting out fires and saving lives, but a Caseyville, Illinois, woman says she wants no part of a fire hydrant.

FBI audit shows lavish lifestyle in Mueth case

Newly released documents give a glimpse into the life of the man accused of embezzling millions of dollars from the St. Louis County Health Department.

Missouri bans guardrail over safety concerns

A certain type of guardrail might be failing to save lives during crashes.