Illinois Voters' Guide

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Illinois Voters' Guide
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  • Check your voter registration status, find out who's running and what state propositions are up for a vote in the NewsChannel 5 Illinois Voters' Guide for the 2012 general election.

    Voting Information:

    How to register to vote
    IL voter registration application (English)
    IL voter registration application (Spanish)
    Absentee voting info for 2012 General Primary Election
    Early voting pamphlet
    Early voting locations
    Check voter registration status 
    Polling places
    District/official search
    Military and oversees voting
    Contributions search
    Illinois Sample Ballots


    President and Vice President

    Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D)
    Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (R)
    Gary Johnson/James Gray (L)
    Jill Stein/Howie Hawkins (G)

    U.S. House 12th Congressional District

    Jason Plummer (R)
    William Enyart (D)
    Paula Bradshaw (G)

    U.S. House 13th Congressional District

    Rodney Davis (R)
    David Gill (D)
    John Hartman(I)

    U.S. House 15th Congressional District

    John Shimkus (R)
    Angela Michael (D)

    Illinois State Senate District 48

    Andy Manar (D)
    Mike McElroy (R)

    Illinois State Senate District 50

    William "Sam" McCann (R)

    Illinois State Senate District 54

    Kyle McCarter (R)
    Danny Stover (D)

    Illinois State Senate District 56

    Bill Haine (D)
    Mike Babcock (R)

    Illinois State Senate District 57

    James F. Clayborne, II (D)
    Dave Barnes (R)

    Illinois State Senate District 58

    David Luechtefeld (R)
    Michael Bigler (D)

    Illinois State House District 95

    Wayne Rosenthal (R)
    Brad Gillespie (D)

    Illinois State House District 96

    Sue Scherer (D)
    Dennis Shackelford (R)

    Illinois State House District 104

    Chad Hays (R)
    Michael Langendorf (D) (no campaign website)

    Illinois State House District 108

    Daniel Polites (D)
    Charles Meier (R)

    Illinois State House District 111

    Daniel Beiser (D)
    Kathy Smith (R)

    Illinois State House District 112

    Dwight Kay (R)
    Marleen Suarez (D)

    Illinois State House District 113

    Jay Hoffman (D)
    Melinda Hult (R)

    Illinois State House District 114

    Eddie Jackson (D)
    Ryan Stookey (R)

    Illinois State House District 116

    Jerry Costello, Jr. (D)
    Julie Eggers (R)

    Illinois Proposed Amendments:

    Illinois Pension and Retirement Benefits Amendment:

    The proposed amendment adds a section to the Illinois Constitution requiring a three-fifths majority vote to approve any pension or retirement benefit increase for public employees and officials.

    Read the full text of the Pension and Retirement Benefits Amendment.

    All information for the Illinois voters guide came from the Illinois Board of Elections.


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