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4:13 PM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - In mid-January, NewsChannel 5 launched a new graphics package designed to improve the way we deliver the news.

If the wording on the graphics seems to be cut off on the screen, if you never see the third line, or the weather graphics are cut off, your television settings may need to be changed.

Under most circumstances, this is caused by the 'viewing' option for the screen to be on a 'zoom' or 'stretch' setting.

To put your screen in the right aspect ratio, cycle through the screen options until you see the correct full image. Most television remotes have a button that can be used to change this setting (Examples of these buttons are: Zoom, Wide, Screen Mode, Aspect, Format, Screen size, P. Mode) If you can't find this on your remote, you will need to enter your television menu setting to make the change.

If you are unable to resolve these issues it may be an issue with your cable provider. KSDK has asked all local cable providers to send our Standard Definition signal in a Letterbox 16x9 image. If the cable provider is sending this properly, you will see a black line on the top and bottom of your screen. This allows the graphics to be presented correctly and viewed clearly.

If you are not seeing the image displayed as above and you have checked your local TV settings, please contact your local cable provider. If they are unable to assist you, e-mail KSDK at and someone will work to assist you.

Thanks for watching KSDK NewsChannel 5.


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