Chester Lampkin helps Mike Leveque propose to Kate Heideman

7:13 AM, Sep 5, 2013   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Couple gets engaged with help from Chester Lampkin - PHOTOS
Image courtesy of Kate Heideman and Mike Leveque.

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - One of our very own weathermen helped a local couple get engaged last week!

Mike Leveque, 30, proposed to Kate Heideman, 32, with a YouTube video that started with NewsChannel 5's Chester Lampkin providing an introduction before showing messages from all of Mike and Kate's friends and families.

Kate, an attorney at Husch Blackwell, and Mike, a clinical psychologist, met in January 2012 through

"Apparently, it actually does work," said Kate about online dating.

The pair clicked on their first date at Cyrano's Cafe, and started a year and a half long romance.

"I think Kate is one of those people everyone has an affinity for even after one meeting," said Mike.

"Mike is very thoughtful and surprises me at the most unexpected times," said Kate.

By summer 2013 Mike had started to think of a creative ways to pop the question to Kate. He wanted to make the proposal special for her.

"I saw a video on YouTube in which Zach Braff helped a couple from Australia get engaged," said Mike, a self-proclaimed YouTube fanatic. "In early July, I told Kate's sister, Emma, about the Zach Braff Video, and the plan developed from there."

Mike says Kate has a "playful crush" on Chester. Their mornings always start with a laugh or two when they turn on the television and see him on the air, which made him Mike's perfect Zach Braff.

As it turns out, Chester knew exactly what Mike was talking about when he mentioned the Zach Braff video. Chester was happy to help, so he made a video and sent it to Mike.

"Shortly after Chester agreed to help with my proposal, Kate noticed Chester didn't have a ring on his finger. She joked that he was still available and might be able to steal her away. I had to make sure that didn't happen," said Mike.

Mike asked friends and family to send video clips using their iPhones. Then he edited them into the video and added music, which was easy, he says, because of the creativity of the videos.

Tuesday, Aug. 27 was the big day. Kate came home from work and was completely surprised by the proposal. She walked in and Mike asked her to sit down to watch a video.

"We're still tracking your weather here in the First Alert Weather Center. We've got some great weather on the way. Oh wait, hold on, hold on," said Chester touching his IFB earpiece. "I'm being told that there's some breaking news. A very important message for Kate. It's coming from Mike. He wants to let you know that you are a very important person to him, and that you're the love of his life."

The video then starts to play short clips of friends and family holding signs encouraging Kate to "Say yes!"

"When you watch the video, you can see that I was in shock, going back and forth between laughing and crying," said Kate. "I love that Mike's proposal was private, but he found a way to get so many people that we love involved. I still can't believe that everyone kept it a secret."

"We really want Chester to know how much we appreciate his participation. Despite that he does not know either of us, he agreed to participate right away," said Mike.

The pair wants to enjoy the engagement for a few weeks before diving into planning. They say the wedding will take place in St. Louis in 2014.

Watch Today in St. Louis on Thursday to hear what Chester had to say about the proposal! 

Watch the entire proposal video below.


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