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2:25 PM, Jul 25, 2011   |    comments
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Carliesha, Brad, Zach, Viyolla, and Sara visited the St. Louis Science Center and had the wonderful opportunity to be some of the first in St. Louis to view the new Omnimax film, Rescue: Disaster Response.  The film documents the efforts of the U.S. Air Force and the Canadian Navy as these trained professionals raced to Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake.  Featuring footage of the training necessary in order to deal with catastrophe and amazing aerial images of earthquake-ravaged Haiti, Rescue drops you right into the thick of the action.

Before viewing the film, the kids enjoyed lunch with one of the films main stars, Lauren Ross.  Lauren pilots a C-17 aircraft in the United States Air Force.  She spent the day with the kids, chatting, answering questions, and having a great time.  After the film, Lauren gave each youth a badge from her Air Force Unit!  

All of the children featured in the story are looking for forever homes.

Carliesha is a beautiful 17-year-old young young lady with a quiet demeanor and sweet personality.  Carliesha loves to cook and hopes to take lessons soon!

14-year-old Sara is a bright girl who loves to laugh.  She has beautiful long hair and takes pride in her appearance.  She favorite subject in school is math.  She also loves sports (especially football), swimming, and listening to music.  Some of Sara's favorite places to go are to Six Flags, the mall, and Baskin Robins.  When she grows up, Sara would like to be a lawyer.

15-year-old Brad & 17-yera-old Zach are two brothers who are looking for a permanent family.  Zach loves to skateboard, play video games, and hang out with his friends.  His favorite subject in school is PE.  He's in ROTC and absolutely loves it.  Someday, he hopes to be in the military or become a police officer.  Zach's brother, Brad, enjoys many of the same things that his brother does - skateboarding, and ROTC.  He's also active in sports.  When he grows up, he hopes to be a baseball player!  

13-year-old Viyolla is friendly and talkative.  She describes herself as nice and "very photogenic!"  Viyolla really enjoys school and loves to read.  When she grows up, she wants to do something for a living that will allow her to "help others."  This beautiful girl is very playful and exceptionally sweet.  She loves singing and watching TV.  Some of her hobbies include painting her nails and creating artwork. 

If you would like more information about any of the children featured, please call the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition at 1-800-FOSTER3.

Rescue screens daily at the Saint Louis Science Center OMNIMAX Theater (5050 Oakland Avenue; 314.289.4400 or


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