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Photo Courtesy Sears Portrait Studios

Kortnee's kind-hearted personality and enthusiastic demeanor makes her instantly likeable.  Kortnee has many talents, one of which is writing poetry.  She writes wonderfully and is very proud of this special talent. Poetry isn't Kortnee's only strength, she's also is a wonderful cook!  Her favorite things to bake are muffins and cupcakes.  When Kortnee grows up, she wants to either be a marine biologist or to open up her own cupcake shop - maybe both!  "I can make special cupcakes for the dolphins," she says!  Kortnee does well in school and her favorite subject is science.  To her, being adopted means, "having parents that will take care of me. 

Despite any challenges she may face, Kortnee's hope for her future is bright, as a line in one of her poems indicates, "...and know that my choices contribute to the future and the things it may bring. But I hope someday I will have a reason to sing." 

For more information about adopting Kortnee, please call the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition at 1-800-FOSTER3.

A special thank you to Jilly's Cupcake Bar and Chef Casey for opening up their kitchen to Kortnee. For more information about their delicious cupcakes, please visit http://www.jillyscupcakebar.com/ .



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