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She's bright, talented and loves to sing.  Megan sang her version of White Horse for award winning record producer and engineer, Carl Nappa.  Carl is the executive director at ex'treme Institute by Nelly.  This unique school teaches students all aspects of the recording industry.

Carl guided Megan through her first recording session.

"I usually don't like the way my voice sounds recorded but when I was in there and I could hear it oh, that sounds pretty good," Megan smiles.

Carl showed this 17-year-old all of the tricks of the trade.  This high school senior also likes drawing and being a make up artist.

Megan has lived without a family for a while and it's been hard.

"The hardest part is worrying that if you make a mistake or screw up really bad that you could just be moved and you could wake up one morning and they say pack up your stuff.  You don't know where you are going to go or where you are going to end up.  It's been a long time since I've felt accepted in a family. Even though I've been through a lot,  I'm still going to come out on top no matter what anybody says."

Megan is a strong, determined teen, but she knows her future would be brighter with a family.

"I just think about things that are going to happen for me like going to college, getting a job and moving on my own.  Of course, after I get my family."

"I really want a place you can actually call home.  They would be there whenever you need something or whenever something goes bad.  You want to talk to them and they are always going to be there. For me, it's a really big part of what I want in life."

"I think I would feel more secure and making new relationships with people.  A family would keep me grounded.  If everything comes crashing down, I'll still have my family and people who love me for who I am."

Megan is an artist at heart .. she wants to learn the art of make up and hair and then she wants to further her love of drawing at art school.

So it's no surprise that Megan's little wish is an art set.

If you would like information about becoming part of Megan's life or granting her little wish, please call the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition at 1-800-FOSTER3.

A very special thank you for Carl Nappa and the ex'treme Institute.  They were very kind and generous with their time.  If you would like to learn more, please visit 

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