Serenity, Sara & Hannah

11:11 AM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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To get a full appreciation of these three sisters, you just have to meet them!  9-year-old Serenity is full of life and energy. She is super sweet and loving.  She was too busy playing at the City Museum for  us to interview her!

11-year-old Hannah is smart and has just started middle school.  She loves to sing and loves hanging out with her friends. She wants a forever family for her and her sisters.

"So we don't have to be in a whole bunch of different homes all the time and we could be with somebody.  It makes me feel like somebody really wants me if I did get adopted and that somebody would really care to have us.  We've been through a lot together. We're just always together and it would be hard to find out what it's not like to be together."

14-year-old Sara is the big sister and takes her role pretty seriously. She's always watching out for her little sisters.

"Hannah's got a really good personality. She's funny. She's nice. She's creative. She's intelligent. She has a very active imagination.

"Serenity is still a little kid, but I love her.

"We are all very smart. We're all very close  We talk about our problems together."

Sara has big plans for her future.

"I would like to be a registered nurse.  There's this one class at school that I really like called principles of biomedical science. That has to be my favorite part because you learn about the human body and that's just something I'm interested in. It's a lot of fun."

Sara's perspective on living in foster care is not unique, but she really knew how to put it into words.

"You're always stressed out and you're always worrying and you're always wondering when will I get adopted when will we have court, when will I see my mom, when will I see my dad.  It's not good for a child to have to worry about those things constantly when they need to focus on school, sports.  They need to be able to know that they have a home.  They have people that care and they just have a safe place they can go when they need to.

"Me and my sisters have been through it all like this whole thing being through foster care.  It just helps to have us all three together.  so that was kinda our own family. I think it's important for us to find a home together because we just, we need each other.  When we couldn't have mom or dad to support us, we had each other."

She knows a forever family will change her life.

"So we'll be able to come home from school knowing that we don't have anything to worry about and we're safe and that somebody loves us."

What a great sisters!

They also have a little wish. They would like to spend the day together at America's Incredible Pizza Company. 

If you would like to learn more about becoming part of their lives or granting their little wish, please call the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition at 1-800-FOSTER3.

A special thank you to the fun folks at the City Museum! If you would like information about hours or parties, please visit



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