Friend to Friend

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer among women and the most proven and significant risk factors for getting breast cancer are being female and getting older.  Early detection is the key to beating this disease. 

Since 1996, NewsChannel 5 has brought you information about the importance of breast health through our Friend to Friend program and sponsorship of Susan G. Komen for the Cure St. Louis’ Race for the Cure.  On the 5th of every month, we encourage women to call a friend to remind her to do a breast self exam.  Click here to go to a tutorial on how to do a proper Breast Self-Examination (BSE). 

If you would like more information about breast self awareness, please sign up for a free Friend to Friend packet and email reminders. Click here to subscribe to monthly e-mail reminders.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure® recommends that you:

Talk to your family to learn about your family health history

Talk to your doctor about your personal risk of breast cancer

Ask your doctor which screening tests are right for you if you are at a higher risk

Have a mammogram every year starting at age 40 if you are at average risk

Have a clinical breast exam at least every 3 years starting at 20, and every year starting at 40

Know how your breasts look and feel and report changes to your health care provider right away

Make healthy lifestyle choices that may reduce your risk of breast cancer

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