St. Louis In Style Fashion Report

6:53 PM, Mar 6, 2012   |    comments
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Trend of the week: Neon

No, it's not the late 80s. Although, a glimpse into some stores may make you think you are back in 1987. I am talking about neon - and it's back in a big way!

Hot pink, magenta, neon orange, lime green, electric blue and highlighter yellow are getting a second chance at fame. You may remember these hues from the cover of your Trapper Keeper or the geometric printed shirt that could be seen from across the skating rink.

This spring's boldest colors can be worn by anyone! For the more conservative - stick with adding neon to your favorite neutral - black, white or tan. And pick just one neon piece to add to your outfit. For the more adventurous, combine neon accessories with solid colored brights - think neon orange watch with a great magenta dress, or lime green sunglasses with your new yellow jeans.

For those that want to ease into the trend, a great suggestion is to take a color you love - maybe purple - and then choose some accessories a few shades brighter than the normal hues you wear. Think plum to bright lavender. You will feel confident wearing a shade you love, but the look has a modern, new spin.

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