Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

7:08 AM, Nov 3, 2012   |    comments
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David Gregg, Senior Editor of joined us today in studio to talk about ways to get your home ready for the cold weather and holiday seasons.

The ZIPPO Emergency Fire Starter Kit insures you will ALWAYS have the ability to start a fire when you don't have access to matches or traditional lighters --BTW -October is fire/personal safety month!

The new lightweight and rechargeable Delta Force Stick Vacuum from Rowenta promises to remove 99.9% of dust & debris from your hard floor surfaces...and comes in 3 colors too!!

Pinhole Press simplifies the creation of personalized holiday cards and gifts with their affordably priced online solutions.

The Cook Central is perfect for busy home cooks because it lets them bypass the stovetop - you can brown ingredients right in the unit before switching to Slow Cook.  In addition to Brown/Sauté (with temperatures up to 400°) and Slow Cook, it also has one other fully programmable cooking function, Steam, which can be activated for up to 90 minutes. So, for example, you could brown meat for a stew right in the Cook Central, then add all the other ingredients and set it to Slow Cook - perfect for a chilly day.  The one touch controls let you switch modes instantly for combination cooking, and the 24-hour timer and Keep Warm function make it easy to have a hot, delicious meal totally prepared whenever you're ready to eat. ($159; as well as specialty retailers and department stores)

Cuisinart's new Programmable Tea Steeper & Kettle is designed with the true tea lover in mind.  It easily opens up so you can put in loose or bagged tea, and has six preset tea temperatures for green, black, herbal, delicate, white and oolong teas. This is important because different teas need to be steeped and served at different temperatures in order to extract the flavors as they are meant to be consumed. You can also use it as a kettle to heat water, and it has a variety of programmable controls, like an adjustable countdown timer and a 30-minute keep warm function.  ( $129; and other specialty retailers and department stores)


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