Fitz's Conducts Presidential Rootbeer Poll

1:50 PM, Nov 6, 2012   |    comments
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Fitz's Root Beer is getting in on the political action for the first time by having some fun with their labeling. The St. Louis bottling company unveiled presidential bottles in September and has been tracking the sales to see which candidate sells more bottles.

"We did it for fun because we wanted to see how closely sales of the different bottles could coincide with the presidential election," said Maureen McAlister, Fitz's Rootbeer.

The rootbeer race has been a tight one with the largest margin at 10% and the closest, tied.

"We saw some surges of purchases before any of the debates so people were buying then for debate parties," explained McAlister.

Fitz has sold more than 65,000 bottles of presidential pop. They've had customers ship bottles to Seattle and Florida.

The numbers as of close of business Monday are out.

Obama - 3284 bottles (50.3%)

Romney - 3242 bottles (49.7%)

Fitz's poll will close Tuesday night, but they'll still have the bottles for sale through at least Thanksgiving.

You can make a purchase by visiting the store in the Delmar Loop or by calling 314-726-9555.

You can track the race at





























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