Holiday Portrait Fashions

1:59 PM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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Holiday Portrait Fashions

Chesterfield Mall |



It is time for the holidays and to start planning family portraits!  We've brought some fantastic kids outfits from Crazy 8, Gap Kids and Monsoon Children that are perfect for the festive holiday season and a that will make a stellar family picture for the holiday card!


We also have some great tips for getting the best pictures and experience when you get dressed up and in front of the camera.  Here's how to make sure you'll be satisfied after your big shoot:


  • Be sure to make an appointment time when you know the kids will be in good spirits (well, at least make that your goal).

  • When you're ready to shop for the kids' clothes, choose more solids and less prints, and especially avoid horizontal stripes (those usually don't look good on anyone).

  • And if you have a new baby, a tighter-fitting outfit will photographer better than a frilly dress, or do a test shoot at home and make sure that a frilly dress doesn't raise in the front when the baby is propped up.

  • Bring a large selection of props from home to use in the photo, it adds a personal touch.

  • Before you leave the house, call to find out if the photographers are on schedule and plan accordingly; you can expect to wait a few minutes so if the kids are restless then take them out and leave your cell phone number with the staff to call you when it's your time.



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