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12:41 PM, Feb 11, 2013   |    comments
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Sometimes what wine to pair with that special meal can be very intimidating.  STL Wine Girl Angela Ortmann joined us today to explain the four P's of wine selection.

PAIRING - don't order your bottle before you've chosen what you are going to eat.

PRICE - it's ok to know what you are (and are NOT) willing to spend.

PRONUNCIATION - don't be shy just because you are unsure how to pronounce a wine, embrace the learning experience.

PROCESS - I will demonstrate and walk through what the server is doing and why and what you should be doing and why.

"Etiquette" of corkage

- only bring a bottle if

1) it has sentimental value

2) is a style or varietal unavailable on the list

3) the price or age of the wine is not available

- be prepared to pay a corkage fee ($10 - $25).

- let the restaurant know ahead of time that you plan to bring your own wine (i.e. when you make your reservation).

- tip on either the price the wine would be on the list or on the "average" price of a bottle on the list

- offer to share a taste of the wine with your server, the sommelier and/or the manager out of respect, gratitude and courtesy.

- a good rule of thumb is also to purchase one bottle off the list for every bottle you bring in.


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