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8:38 AM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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A couple dropped everything to take a year long trip around the globe and now they want others to know it can be done, even while on a budget.

"We saved as much as we possibly could, but we relied on the fact that we knew we'd be able to figure it out along the way," said Scott Hartbeck, Traveler.

"I cut back on a lot of bills that I had like I scaled back on phone, internet, cable, gym, everything I could," explained Julia Evans, Traveler.

The couple visited 20 countries and 55 cities in 11 months.

"If you really want to do it and it's a passion of yours then you can find a way even if you are really tied down with money and bills," said Evans.

Scott and Julia made money through travel writing, working at a winery and dog sitting.

"You're never going to regret going traveling. No one has ever said oh I wish I wouldn't have taken that trip," explained Hartbeck.

The couple has plans to leave on their next journey later this month. To get advice from the world travelers and follow their trip you can follow them on at @ConfusedJulia and @worldwidescott or their travel blogs at






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