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Honey Healing Cookies

1:28 PM, Mar 19, 2013   |    comments
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A St. Louis pediatrician wants to help people find natural ways to improve their overall health so she created Dr. Joyce's Honey Cookies.

"We started the cookies because a lot of the patients in my practice needed weight managements services a substantial number did. Many of the children who are in the weight loss center have asthma and allergies we never knew which one came first the chicken or the egg. Was it that the asthma and the allergies slowed them down or was it that the weight just made the asthma and allergies worse,?" explained Dr. Joyce Johnson, pediatrician.

You won't find white sugar in Dr. Joyce's Honey Cookies, an ingredient the doctors says contributes to hyperactivity in children. The secret ingredient is honey. Dr. Joyce uses honey produced by bees within 150 miles of St. Louis. The doctor recognizes the evidence is controversial, but she believes locally produced honey helps fight allergies and asthma native to the area it's made.

Dr. Joyce found another benefit to her cookies by teaming up with the St. Louis Economic Council in Midtown.

"We wish to employ those individuals who might not ever think of entering the culinary field who might not ever think of even holding a job," said Johnson.


For more information about the cookies, rolls and granola and where to purchase them in town or online head to












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