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Cathy Rigby Stars in Peter Pan One Last Time in St. Louis

1:15 PM, Apr 3, 2013   |    comments
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Cathy Rigby will take the stage in St.Louis Wednesday night for the last time as the boy who can fly before the curtain falls on her final tour later this month.

Former show promoter Janice Hawk was there nearly four decades ago when Rigby took on the roll for her first time.

"I worked with Cathy in 1974, which was the very first time she was Peter Pan. She played the role as Peter Pan even before they used her own voice in 1987. My daughter Heather performed with Cathy at the Muny in Peter Pan and now in 2013 I'm taking my grandchildren," explained Hawk, St. Louis.

Hawk isn't surprised Rigby is still soaring to new heights at 60.

"As we get older we all think that we start putting limitations on ourself we shouldn't be able to do this and I can't do that. And my whole thing with Peter Pan is if I can be believable if I can do as much as I did and I can add the knowledge I have now of the character for so long and put that on stage and be believable then why not," said Cathy Rigby, actress.

There is more flying and reinvented stunts on this tour. Rigby says her gymnastics background plays a role on stage, but even a former olympian needs training.

"I had to train to be able to do this one again I had to go back in and take pilates and work with a trainer," explained Rigby.

Rigby says St. Louis is one of her favorite cities. She just tried toasted ravioli for her first time this trip. Another show full of memories for Rigby is "Meet Me In St. Louis."

'It was one of my favorite shows to do.  It's very sentimental for me."

It's memories like those Rigby plans to keep close when she leaves Neverland for the last time.

"I don't know that I will miss it, but just keep the fond memories. I never would have thought I'd be able to play this role for over 30 years, but it's happened and I'm really lucky and grateful," explained Rigby.

Even though the star plans to pursue other roles for many she's irreplaceable.

"She is the ultimate Peter Pan. She is eternally youthful," said Hawk.

Rigby has performed at the Muny and the Fox, but says she's excited to be at the Peabody Opera House for her first time. To get tickets to her last performance as Peter Pan in St. Louis contact the Peabody Opera House at 314-499-7600 or visit











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