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Pregnant "Ellie" Due Any Day

12:57 PM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
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Ellie the elephant could give birth any day. The St. Louis Zoo staff is helping the pregnant mom stay active and social up until the day she gives birth.

"She's really close to the end of her pregnancy. Literally it could be any day," explained Martha Fischer, Curator of Mammals.

The 8,500lb elephant is 22 months pregnant. She's gained about 600lbs for this pregnancy, but shouldn't have a problem losing the baby weight.

"She will lose almost all of that pretty quickly right after the birth. The calf will way anywhere from 250-300lbs, maybe even more than that depending on how long the pregnancy goes," said Fischer.

The trainers work with Ellie to keep her in shape for the upcoming birth.

"You can see by looking at her she's got a baby bump and she's looking pretty big at this point and definitely she's starting to feel the pregnancy at this point."

Technology helps the the St. Louis Zoo crew prepare for the birth.   

"We do have some tests that we can run during the course of her pregnancy that measures the blood to tell us whether or not the calf will be a male or female."

Ellie is expecting baby girl number three.












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