The Strategy Behind Colors

1:18 PM, Apr 10, 2013   |    comments
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Product placement is a well known marketing tool, but have you heard of color placement?

"You probably don't think about it in your everyday life that color really is selected based on what the retailer wants you to do," explained Sean Phillips,

Marketing strategists use colors of the rainbow to draw shoppers in. Phillips met us at Chesterfield Mall to break down the colors and show us what they mean for our wallets. It's not a coincidence sale signs are almost always red.

"When you see red you have to hit the breaks."

Orange gives shoppers the idea of reliability and it tells the buyer they're getting a good value.

"Yellow evokes energy and also has properties to increase your appetite."

Phillips points out the combination of red (telling you to stop) and yellow (telling you you're hungry) is used in a lot in restaurants.

"Green is used to signify a relationship with the environment."

Retailers use blue to symbolize trust. This is a color many banks use. Purple signifies royalty and richness. Phillips says 75% of beauty products come in white packaging, symbolizing purity. While black displays sophistication.


"It's really a tried and tested form of marketing."

If talk of all these colors got you in the mood to shop check out for more tips from Phillips.











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