IL Rescue Farm home to Retired Racehorses

1:13 PM, May 3, 2013   |    comments
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Racehorses are bred for life on the track.

"Many of our horses come from famous lines," said Margot Sutter, Founder of Mid America Horse Rescue.

Once their career is over an Illinois non-profit is helping the ex-racers get their second chance at life.

"Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and retrain ex-racehorses for their second chance career," explained Sutter.

Mid America Horse Rescue is the first Thouroughbread horse rescue to turn former racehorses into service animals. Volunteers re-train the former athletes and teach the horses to work off their body energy.

"I've been on the saddle with him and he hasn't been ridden in quite awhile so that's been quite the progress," said Corey Hudson, Volunteer for Mid America Horse Rescue.

The non-profit works as an ally to the racing industry.

Big Chestnut horse and his father was Charasmatic who won the Kentucky Derby and won the Preakness. We also have Lucky Star who's a retiree who needs to be sponsored, but for those who are Secretariat fans she's the living daughter no five generations removed she's the daughter of Sectretariat," said Sutter.

You have a chance to meet the famous horses on May 19th at Mid America Horse "Rescue for a Barn Warming Party." It costs $5 for kids 10 and under and $10 dollars for everyone else. You can get information about helping the non-profit and there will be fun activities for the kids. For more information head to


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