St. Louis Dads Create Interactive App for Kids

12:57 PM, May 6, 2013   |    comments
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Have you ever wanted to entertain your kids using technology, but couldn't find a good balance between education and fun? There's an app for that and it's created by two dads in St. Louis.

"We've kind of taken an existing way of teaching and kind of flipped it around with technology," said David Callahan, AR Flashcards.

"It begs you to learn with your kids or help your kids learn with the app because one of you could be holding it while the other is using the flashcards on the ground," explained Heath Mitchell, AR Flashcards.

The AR stands for augmented reality.

"Which is where you take 3D models and use markers to pop them up in the real world," said Callahan.

Melissa Lorenz says her family uses the flashcards every day, sometimes more

"It's a very easy app to interact with," explained Lorenz.

The app is geared towards kids 4-6, but children as young as 2 are using it.  The creators say the app not only gets your kids attention it also has a way of keeping it.

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