Felines Forever

3:40 PM, Jul 30, 2010   |    comments
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Nancy kisses one of her cats that are looking for a forever home!
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  • Felines Forever

    At first, Nancy Lupia's husband thought she was nuts but after 5 years, he's warming up to the fact that his wife turned their basement into a cat rescue group


    "He agreed that we could get a cat, then we had 2 cats, and now he's actually my biggest support with regards to my rescue work" she says.


    Nancy Lupia is the owner and founder of "Felines Forever", this licensed rescue group saves cats from kill shelters....


    "There's an extremely high euthanasia rate at the shelters" she says."Only 28% of them make it out alive".


    She also rescues them from the streets.


    This mother of two says, she missed being a mom after her kids grew up & left home.


    "Yeah I'm a caregiver, I'll admit it and I enjoy this, I enjoy the fact that we are also saving lives and educating the public about spaying and neutering" Nancy says.


    Each morning Nancy takes care of her furry children by feeding and cleaning litter boxes.


    She goes thru a lot of litter!


    "160 pounds a week I know that by heart" she says.


    "Felines Forever" isn't a big source of income which is why every afternoon she goes to her part-time job.


    "I get back home at 8 and then it's back down here checking on things" Nancy tells us.


    Down here, she gets paid in belly rubs and joy!


    "The payoff is when a cat goes to a forever home and I hear back from those adopters on how much that cat has enriched their life how much a part of the family its become" she says.


    If there was an award for "cat baby talk", Nancy would definitely be in the running.


    If these cats could talk I'm sure they would thank her!


    "I'm so blessed that I get to meet each and everyone of these cats, because they are truly unique in their own way" she tells us.


    She says all the work is worth it, even though she rarely gets a catnap of her own!


    "Sometimes exhausted but most of the time, very very satisfied" Nancy says.


    Feline's Forever is always accepting donations!


    For more information of if you'd like to adopt one of the cats call (314)707-0795 or head to






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