Chocolate Covered Raspberries

7:27 AM, May 6, 2010   |    comments
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It's true, making a living as a chocolatier has its perks. "The chocolate is still soft. It hasn't gotten hard and this is the best time to eat a raspberry. This is kind of like a kitchen insider. don't tell anybody."

But as Lucille Ball once discovered, it's not as easy as it looks. Dan Abel Junior is a second generation chocolatier at Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company. He takes me under his wing for a day, so I don't turn out like Lucy. "No need to rush. The belt goes nice and slow."

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company is known for their handcrafted gourmet goodies. Every piece looks as good as it tastes, thanks to their high standards that I pick up on right away. "This is a little too small, so I can just eat it."

This business is most famous for chocolate covered strawberries. A newer tradition, just as tasy, is chocolate covered raspberries. They are only available now through September 1.

For locations and more information, visit Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate's website,

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