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Insect invasion at St. Louis Science Center

9:39 AM, Oct 19, 2013

Jayme Necaise is known as the Bug Chef. He stopped by Today In St. Louis to show off some insect delicacies.

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Great Forest Park Balloon Race & Glow this weekend

The Great Forest Park Balloon Race and Glow is this weekend.

11:13 PM, Sep 20, 2013

New headquarters building purchased for St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

The City of St. Louis and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department are putting money seized from criminal activity to good use. Nearly $3 million in confiscated monies was used to purchase a new police headquarters in downtown St. Louis.

6:58 PM, Jan 21, 2011

Blue Cheese Souffle recipe

Try serving your Super Bowl party guests something different.

11:24 AM, Feb 5, 2012

Reggie Clemons back in court

It's one of the most talked about double murder cases in Missouri's history...and now one of the convicted killers gets another day in court. Reggie Clemons is on death row for the 1991 murders of sisters Julie and Robin Kerry.

8:06 AM, Sep 17, 2012

Kansas considers removing President Obama from ballot

A GOP-controlled board in Kansas is trying to decide whether to remove President Obama from the state ballot over objections about his birth certificate.

1:28 PM, Sep 14, 2012

Man rescued from house fire ignited by neighboring day care center

Fire in one building spreads to another, but quick action by firefighters aided in safely evacuating a man living in the home.

4:35 AM, Sep 17, 2012

Separate Jefferson County crashes claim two lives

Two different crashed in Jefferson County prove fatal to the drivers involved.

4:05 AM, Sep 17, 2012

Deaths Of Two Centralia Brothers Could Be Linked To Heroin-Fentanyl Mix

The deaths of two Centralia residents are being investigated as possible heroin-fentanyl overdoses.

11:56 PM, Sep 5, 2006

Kenneth Tudor gets life sentence in Madison County molestation case

A Madison County judge sentenced 38-year-old Kenneth Tudor on Monday -- more than three months after Tudor was convicted of three counts of predatory sexual assault.

11:29 AM, Dec 1, 2009

Imperial man shoots himself in the head while teaching firearms safety

An Imperial man is dead after accidentally shooting himself in the head while teaching his girlfriend firearms safety.

6:42 PM, Sep 21, 2009
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