Web Video of the Day

WEB VIDEO OF THE DAY: Synchronized kittens

10:58 AM, Dec 21, 2011

Ready? All together now!

WEB VIDEO OF THE DAY: Yorkie showers tot with love

9:48 AM, Dec 20, 2011

An eight-month-old Yorkie puppy pounces onto a baby to shower him with love.

WEB VIDEO OF THE DAY: Birth of Jesus goes digital

8:35 AM, Dec 19, 2011

Imagine the story of the Nativity and how differently it would spread if it had happened when we had social media.

WEB VIDEO OF THE DAY: iPhone holiday choir sings

10:48 AM, Dec 15, 2011

Check out not one, not two, or even 20, but 64 iPhones singing a holiday classic in unison, and somewhat in-tune!

WEB VIDEO OF THE DAY: Anchor falls out of chair

9:44 AM, Dec 14, 2011

An anchor at our station in Atlanta had a bit of surprise for his co-anchor.

Web Video of the Day: Young girl on path to the dark side

11:58 AM, Dec 9, 2011

Today's web video stars young girl who, as her dad puts it, is well on the way to the dark side.

WEB VIDEO OF THE DAY: Mall dancer filled with Christmas spirit

7:55 AM, Dec 6, 2011

One holiday fanatic is full of joy and isn't afraid to show it.

Web Video of the Day: Taekwondo set to pop music

2:12 PM, Dec 2, 2011

A taekwondo class in South Korea takes their demonstration public and sets their high-flying acrobatic kicks to pop music.

Web Video of the Day: Frisbee trick shot from a bridge

4:58 PM, Nov 30, 2011

You may have seen Frisbee trick shot artist Brodie Smith in one of our previous web videos.

WEB VIDEO OF THE DAY: One-man baseball game

3:39 PM, Nov 28, 2011

During his 6-month space mission, Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa spends his free time in a unique way, with a game he likes to call "spaceball."

Web Video of the Day: Denver is guilty

5:34 PM, Nov 25, 2011

Anyone who owns a dog knows that sometimes they get into things they shouldn't.

Web Video of the Day: Toddler turkey coma

5:14 PM, Nov 23, 2011

Well we all know what happens after Thanksgiving dinner; you take a nap!

WEB VIDEO OF THE DAY: Foxes jump on trampoline

1:56 PM, Nov 22, 2011

Two foxes horsing around on a trampoline quickly discover something much more interesting.