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Apple strives to keep manufacturing in the USA

12:48 PM, May 30, 2012   |    comments
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(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

By Alison Kosik, CNN

New York (CNN) -- You don't see many 'Made in the USA' stickers on electronics these days.

But one tech giant that hopes to bring more production back to US shores.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is making some buzz-worthy comments at a major tech conference in California.

Cook says he hopes to one day see an apple product manufactured in the US.

Right now, many of its devices are made in China.

Cook did point out that certain components are made in America.

Chips used in the iPhone and iPad are made in Texas.

And a factory in Kentucky makes the so-called 'Gorilla Glass' which covers the touch screens of both devices.

But bringing more manufacturing jobs back to the US may not be so easy.

It's much more expensive to hire US workers... and critics say the US doesn't have the infrastructure to make electronics on a massive scale. 

Cook also spent a lot of time talking about former CEO Steve Jobes, who died in October.

Specifically, how important it is to keep forging ahead.
"At some point late last year, i sort of somebody kind of shook me and said it's time to get on and so that sadness was replaced by that intense determination to continue the journey and that's where it is today. and so what did learn from him, we could be here all night, maybe all week and maybe a month- i learned that focus is key."

Cook said Jobs told him to "just do what's right."


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