Becky's Carpet and Tile Superstore closing

7:07 PM, Jun 12, 2012   |    comments
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By Elizabeth Matthews

St. Louis (KSDK) - A St. Louis institution is shutting down after 58 years in business.

Becky's Carpet and Tile Superstore is closing up shop. The family business has stores all over the metro.

Becky Rothman, owner of the superstore, sat down with NewsChannel 5's Jennifer Blome to talk about what went wrong. Becky says simply that when the economy went down, well, they went down, too.

Becky also says that they have been working to contact customers that have inventory and arrange for pick-ups or installations. They are working as fast as possible to get refund checks out as well.

Becky's known for standing in front of a green screen and taking us over and under the arch on her flying carpet, but now after decades of service her employees don't even know if they will be open Tuesday and customers are upset.

The store hours say open until nine, but Becky's Carpet and Tile Superstore is closing early.

Some of the first to find out about the shut down were the customers.

"They knew that they were going out of business, but they took my money anyway," said Rhodes.

She says she bought carpet a week ago.

"They called me I think it was Friday," said Rhodes, which employees tell us, is the same day they were notified of the closing. "And asked me when I wanted my carpet installed."

When she went to the store she was handed this a letter, from Becky herself, detailing how to get refunds.

In it, it says "it is our goal to pay you back as soon as possible."

Rhodes says she doesn't believe it and she's hoping to bypass small claims court.

"This probably isn't worth the paper it was written on," she said.

"I told the congregation yesterday to be angry, but sin not," said Reverend Robert Reed, another upset customer of Becky's.

Rev. Reed of the Bell Grove Missionary Baptist Church also feels ripped off. The church ordered more than $3,000 worth of carpet. Now he's making trips to the store demanding his money back.

"I'm hoping and praying when they see me tomorrow, or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday, but I will be here every day until we get our funds," said Rev. Reed.

As for when exactly the doors will close no one knows, but right now, employees say that all of the inventory is being moved to the South County location.

As for the employees, right now there are about 30, and the ones that we chatted with are worried and upset that they only learned about this on Friday.

This business goes back to Becky's dad in East St. Louis in the 1950s and she took it over when she was just 22, when he died.


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