Orbitz gives Mac users pricier options

4:19 PM, Jun 26, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Orbitz gives Mac users pricier options

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Atlanta (CNN) -- Mac users looking for cheap travel on Orbitz might not be getting the lowest deal on the front page. 

Travel site Orbitz is taking a look at your spending habits, and is steering Mac users to pricier travel options than PC users. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Orbitz has found Mac users spend as much as 30% more per night on hotel accomodations than PC users do.

The site is using that information to tailor search results.

So a Mac user might see more expensive four-or-five star hotels recommended more prominently than someone surfing on a PC.

Critics say that's price discrimination.

But Orbitz says prices are the same no matter what computer you use.

"All of our hotels are available to all the users. You can sort by price, you can sort by alphabetical, you can sort by any hotel name. There is no way that we are treating mac or pc users any different, we love them both," says Barney Harford, CEO, Orbitz Worldwide.

Even though competitors Expedia, Priceline and Travelocity say they don't tailor results this way -- this could be the wave of the future.

Companies are looking for ways to boost their bottom line by monitoring customer habits.


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