Best and worst things to buy in October

7:59 AM, Oct 2, 2012   |    comments
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By Dana Dean

St. Louis (KSDK) -- There's a right time to buy everything, you just have to know your stuff.

As it turns out, October can be a weird month for shopping since we're so close to Black Friday. But with that said, there are still some good deals in October.

Here are the best things to buy this month:

The website says October is a good month to get a discount on a car. New models were released last month, so dealerships want to move last years models this month. According to Forbes, you can save 10% to 20% or more on a car if you buy in October.

Research shows it's also a month to stock up on garden plants. Shrubbery, flower bulbs, and plants with shelf life go on sale.

You may know Black Friday is the best time to purchase a new HDTV but deals are beginning to ramp up, especially on 3D HDTVs.

Lindsay Sakraida from Dealnews explains where to find these kinds of savings.

"Some of the lowest prices you're going to find are going to be on third tier manufacturers. So not Samsung, not Toshiba, something like Vizio which you will find at Walmart, Sears, Fry's Electronics," said Sakraida.

Here are the worst things to buy this month:

Dealnews tells us to just say no to cookware items in October. That's because in November, their archives show you could see an increase of 25% more deals out there on these kinds of items. Check Macy's, Amazon, Williams Sonoma in November for some of the best prices of the year.

Also avoid buying electronics this month, according to Dealnews. It's all because you'll find the best prices on Black Friday. They say to hold off on most Apple items too because, on Black Friday, resellers take some of their largest discounts on current generation Apple products.

You may want to buy outerwear now since it's getting cooler, but the best sales on winter clothing do not come until after the New Year. If you can't wait until then, at least hold off until November.

"A lot of retailers will just be debuting their cold weather apparel which means it's going to be full price," said Sakraida.  "We actually recommend if you can wait until Black Friday, again, a lot of retailers will offer their best coupon of the entire year, taking as much as an extra 50% off."

For the full list of items to buy and not buy is available on the Dealnews website.



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