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Deal Alert: iPad cases drop by 90% off overnight

6:18 AM, Mar 20, 2013   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS -- Every day I make it my mission to save you as much money as possible. When it comes to accessorizing your iPad, that's not always easy. I find iPad accessories a complete rip-off for the most part and most companies understand that if you've paid $400 for a tablet, a $50 case isn't out of the question.

That all changes today with a deal drop we predicted two weeks ago.

Marware is most likely a brand that doesn't need any introduction for you. This highly popular and extremely well-reviewed accessory maker usually steals the show in many of the brand studies I do.

Today, their brand new iPad 2/3/4 cases are at an all-time low and I do expect sellouts. The case is rugged, well-crafted and includes a shell that provides protection and style. Today's Marware case allows you to use your iPad to type or as a stand and features an automatic sleep/wake lid.

You have your choice of four colors: Black, brown, pink, or red. This product is shipping from California so please allow at least a week for delivery via UPS/USPS.

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If you've accessed today's deal (ironically) through our iPad App, please visit this page directly through Safari so the coupon link loads correctly for you.


90% off Marware hybrid leather case for iPad 2/3/4

Was: $49.99 + shipping
Now: $9.99 (including shipping)

**Top iPad case deal I've seen in two years.

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