Teacher whose naked picture was seen by students resigns

4:54 PM, Jan 7, 2010   |    comments
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NBC -- A Pennsylvania teacher's aide who's nude photo has been circulating among the student population has resigned.

Someone took the young woman's cell phone, which had a naked picture of her on it, while she was at a social function off school property and then forwarded the photo to everyone on her contact list according to Bangor School Board member Ron Angle.

The photo was then distributed to students.

District officials notified parents of the situation in an automated phone message, asking the parents of student in grades 7 and up to check their kids' cell phones for the image.

Angle said that she didn't do anything wrong but it showed bad judgment and her resignation would save herself a lot of trouble.

District officials have not released the name of the teacher's aide in question, but said that she is a district graduate and six-year employee.

Neither police not the district attorney's office is investigating the incident.


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