U.S. House of Rep. IL District 19, Michael Firsching (R)

11:33 AM, Feb 2, 2010   |    comments
Michael Firsching
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KSDK -- Michael Firsching is running for the 19th Congressional District seat for the U.S. House of Representatives in the Illinois Republican Primary on February 2.

NewsChannel 5 sent an email to each candidate asking them to answer a series of questions to better prepare voters for the primary election.

Firsching's responses are below.

Do you think healthcare needs to be overhauled in the United States? If no, why not? If yes, to what extent?

It most certainly does need to overhauled. More information needs to be provided to consumers of healthcare. Questions such as: What is the diagnosis? How many cases like this have you seen and treated? What was the outcome: cured, no change, worse of your treatment? What is the total cost? ...this information should be given to patients upon request. More choices as to thoroughness of treatment need to be available. Not everyone can afford intense healtcare. Less thorough healtcare can be effective and much less expensive. Regulations and laws which narrow what is legally advisable need to be removed. Tort reform is needed to examined to reduce barriers to providing cost effective reasonable care which people can afford.

How long should U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan? Also, how many troops would you support sending to Afghanistan?

If I am a member of congress, I will not be voting to extend the war. Congress is the body which decides whether we are at war. It needs to do this at least every two years. It is not up to the President.

What is your plan for bringing jobs to Southern Illinois?

Freedom needs to supported. We need the federal government to provide and defend a stable currency. The Federal Reserve System, a central bank, needs to end. Deficit spending needs to end. A stable, predictable economic situation will allow entrepenaurs to provide jobs. There are federal aspects to this but the state government needs great reform in addition to federal reform.

Do you support bringing prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to a prison in Northern Illinois? Why or Why not?

Guantanomo Bay needs to close. The guarantees to humanity which are basic principles of the founding of the United States are not be followed with a distant prison. Northern Illinois is as good a place as any as a better location than Guantanamo Bay. Due process for prisoners must be in effect.

For additional information about Firsching, visit his website.


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