Pujols contract deadline goes by, fans disappointed

7:04 PM, Feb 16, 2011   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

Maryland Heights, MO (KSDK) - "A little bit of a bummer" was served up Wednesday morning with the burgers and beers at the restaurant Pujols 5, co-owner Patrick Hanon said.

By the time the not-so-well kept secret became official at the restaurant, Cardinals fans could not hide their disappointment.

"I think everybody's a little concerned," said fan Lisa Bulczak.

Because the announcement means no hit, not even a strikeout, in the ongoing contract inning.  The fans and the restaurant were ready for good news.

"We've got champaign on ice for if and when he does make the announcement," Hanon said.

But there was no bubbly and who knows if it will ever be needed.

"Now we just have to deal with it looming over us all year and go from there," said Cardinals fan Jason Thomas.

Some fans think the time could be an eye-opener for Pujols and help him realize what he has in St. Louis. But there are other theories.

"I think if you put more time between the deal, I think it's going to give him more time to think. I think it may be the deal breaker," said fan John Reynolds, who was also in the restaurant when the official news was announced on the big screen television sets.

Whether he's gone or not, Pujols has at least one more season and these fans don't plan on holding a grudge.

"Cardinals fans are Cardinals fans and I think they're here to watch baseball and why wouldn't you cheer for the best player in the game," said fan Glenn Flavin. 



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