Steam locomotive stops in Kirkwood

6:12 PM, Jun 2, 2011   |    comments
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Kirkwood, MO (KSDK) - Union Pacific's Steam Locomotive Number 844 has traveled many routes since it was delivered in 1945, but this is its only journey planned by thousands of engineers.

The railroad used social networking to let train fans choose the route. The "Little Rock Express" won, and today the train entered our area.

Hundreds of people lined the tracks in Kirkwood Thursday afternoon.

For some, the experience brought back old memories. For another generation, it created new ones.

Everyone at the station seemed determined to take home a souvenir, a permanent reminder of that feeling. Cameras of every type could be seen at the station.

For some train enthusiasts, seeing the legendary engine once, just wasn't enough. One family stopped in Washington, Pacific and Kirkwood to see the steam engine multiple times.

Other train lovers just hope the opportunity to experience rail firsthand never goes away.

"There are very few steam engines in the midwest still running, there are some in the east coast, but it's an unusual event now for them to be coming through," said Fred Blank, St. Louis Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.

The 844 will be on display Friday, June 3 at the intersection of S. Ewing and Papin in St. Louis.

Click here for the Little Rock Express schedule.


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