Office morale goes up when Cards win

7:24 AM, Oct 13, 2011   |    comments
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By Dana Dean

St. Louis (KSDK) -- We've noticed everyone's been in a great mood at KSDK because the Cardinals are doing so well. That got us thinking if their run in the playoffs has helped boost office morale in other places. 

Dana Dean put the question out on Facebook, and got a lot of responses about how the Cardinals have indeed boosted workplace morale throughout St. Louis.

The law firm Brown & James has been full of smiling faces. They normally wear suits and ties to work, but on a couple days recently, they've been seen decked out in Cardinals gear: from t-shirts, jerseys, and jackets to Pujols jewelry, sneakers, and flip flops.

They have also taped up posters and banners in their cubicles and offices at work to support their team.

Erica Blume, Attorney at Law, said, "Our managing partner seems to be a big Cards fan and he let's us know when it's time to start celebrating and that's today (Wednesday)."

Dr. Matt Grawitch, St. Louis University, said, "Essentially what happens is people feel comradery with other people in the workplace, this can be improved even more when people at work are showing up in their Cardinal red. They come down, they sit around and talk about the game at the watercooler."





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