Missing persons case remains unsolved in Breese

3:19 AM, Dec 28, 2011   |    comments
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So far there's still no good news for the family of a missing person from Breese, Illinois. It's been 8 months since Vincent Wesselmann vanished from his hometown but his family refuses to give up hope.

Prayers and the support from the community keep Aggie Dumstorff going for the holidays as she and 12 siblings search for their missing brother.

"I pushed my way through it and there never was any happy holidays," said Aggie Dumstorff.

Instead of celebrating the holidays, 75 year old Vincent Wesselmanns family is trying to find him.
They say after 8 months of waiting and worrying, no one knows what's happened to him.

"If he passed away I think we could deal with that because he was older and that sort of thing but not knowing is what's terrible," said Dumstorff.

Vincent Wesselmann, a bachelor who didn't own credit cards or a cell phone was last seen walking on Good Friday. Wesselmann's sister said his car was left at home, along with clothes laid out for church.

Wesselmann would have turned 76 on December 12th and anyone with information is asked to call the Breese police department at 618-526-7226

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