Bath salts can cause psychosis

9:58 AM, Jun 6, 2012   |    comments
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(WTVJ) -- Vanilla Sky and Ivory Wave are some of the so-called bath salts sold online.

A little packet of small white crystals costs about $30 for a fraction of an ounce.

"The name bath salts is the name street chemists are giving it to skirt the law to fly below the radar of law enforcement," said Dr. Daniel Bober, psychiatrist.

Even though it states not for human consumption on the web site and packages, people are swallowing and mostly snorting these bath salts says Bober.

Bober says that the drugs are types of stimulants.

"They can cause psychosis, agitation, paranoia," said Bober. "They basically can turn a person into a wild beast."

When these cases do show up in local emergency rooms, there's no way to detect bath salts either traditional blood and urine tests.

Sometimes the patients will says what they've used.

"I have treated them in the emergency department and I have seen this type of behavior the extreme paranoia this almost super human strength where they can break through handcuffs," said Bober.


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