Powerball winnings spending wishlist

6:33 AM, Nov 28, 2012   |    comments
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USA TODAY/VPC -- If you won the $550 million Powerball lottery, you could buy a private island, over a hundred of the most expensive sports cars, or give a $1 million check to 250 of your closest friends.

The Powerball drawing is Wednesday night.

Click on the video player to watch the video and see why you would still be considered poor compared to the folks on an elite list. (Note: The video was produced when the jackpot was still $500 million.)

NewsChannel 5 has put together its own list of things you could buy with the $550 million jackpot:

- Over 200 Bugati Veyrons, the world's most expensive car, at $2 million
- 2,000 Audi R8s
- Almost 400 Maybach Laundaulets at $1.38 million
- Over 300 Lamborghini Revntons at $1.6 million
- Almost 300 Aston Martin One-77s at $1.85 million
- 8,000 Escalades

College Tuition:
- Pay for 15,831 years of tuition at SLU at $34,740 a year
- More than 2,300 years at Harvard
- Over 24,000 years of tuition at Mizzou at $22,296 a year
- 9,295 years of tuition at the most expensive school in the U.S., Sarah Lawrence College in New York, at $59,170 per year

- Over 55,000 Cardinals season tickets in the all-inclusive Champions Club at $9,720 a season
- 381,944 Rams season tickets on the 50 yard line in the 100 level at $1440 a season
- 47,190 Blues season tickets against the glass at $11,655 a season
- You could cover the Cardinals, Rams and Blues player payrolls for about 2 years at $253,272,496 a year
- You could buy the naming rights for the Edward Jones Dome for 144 years at $42 million for 11 years
- You could buy the Cardinals at $518 million or you could buy the Blues at $165 million with money to spare

- You could buy 55 million orders of Toasted Ravioli at Charlie Gitto's for $10 a piece
- And 100 million Banana Split Concretes at Ted Drewes at $5.50 a piece


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