Japanese company Fasotec making 3D ultrasound mementos

9:00 PM, Jul 16, 2013   |    comments
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By Diana Magnay, CNN

It is not uncommon for couples to have ultrasound photos made, to keep as mementos, but a Japanese company is taking it one step further. It's using 3D technology to make models of babies' faces, while they are still in the womb.

Little Kyosuke is 2-months-old. When he was born his family already knew what he'd look like from a 3D printout of his face, made when he was in the womb.

"When we did it I was eight months pregnant, so he already had a human shape and baby face. I wonder how I'd have felt if I'd seen him earlier in my pregnancy," said Kyoko Aizaka.

Tokyo-based medical engineering firm Fasotec experimented with printouts of the entire fetus based on MRI scans, but because of possible risks of MRI during pregnancy, now they're sticking with models of just the face using standard ultrasound scans.

"What's amazing about this technology is if you bring your body and you do a scanning, we can make whatever's in the scanning screen," said Tomohiro Kinoshita.

Bone printouts where the texture inside is just like the real thing. So doctors can practice before they operate.

It's a memento that'll set you back some $500, and one a lot more durable than a photo.


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