Leonard Little Found -Not- Guilty Of Drunk Driving

3:44 PM, Apr 2, 2005   |    comments
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(KSDK) -- A St. Louis County jury has found Rams' star Leonard Little NOT guilty of drunk driving. A conviction could have sent Little to prison for 4 years. The jury did find Little guilty of speeding. It took four hours for the jury of eleven women and one man to arrive at a verdict. After hearing the 'not guilty' verdict for drunk driving, Little hugged his attorney before collapsing to the floor. Defense attorney Scott Rosenblum said, "I'm thrilled for Leonard. I think it was absolutely the right outcome for his family. We couldn't be more pleased." Little left the courthouse in Clayton without speaking with reporters. Prosecutor Bob McCulloch was disappointed with the verdict. "Mr. Little dodged a bullet here, particulary when you consider that the portable breath test on the side of the road was .136, approaching double the legal limit," McCulloch said. However, portable breatholyzer test results are not admissible in court. Rosenblum aggressively questioned Officer Gregory Stork who stopped Little last April on Highway 40 near Lindbergh. Stork testified that Little flunked three field sobriety tests. But another Ladue officer on the scene said Little did not appear to be drunk. That conflicting testimony was enough for the jury to come back with a 'not guilty' verdict. According to one juror, "The prosecutor did not provide us with enough evidence to prove that Little had done all the things that he said he had done." Little will be sentenced for his speeding conviction on May 6. First Day Of Testimony Highlights Leonard Little says he only had two beers and wasn't drunk when a police officer stopped him on Highway 40 at Lindbergh last April. Ladue officer Gregory Stork testified that Little was speeding. He eventually pulled over and Stork says when he approached Little's car, he smelled alcohol on Little's breath. He said the Rams player was polite but intoxicated. Stork gave little a series of sobriety tests and prosecutor Mark Bishop played an audiotape of the incident for the jury. Defense attorney Scott Rosenbloom hammered Stork on cross-examination, accusing him of giving the test improperly. He also said Little was not drunk. Stork admitted making two errors in pervious testimony but defended his testimony procedure as correct. Officer Stork's partner is also expected to testify tomorrow. Little is facing felony charges because of his drunk driving crash in 1999. That killed a south St. Louis County woman.


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