Cahokia, Illinois vandals paint racist graffiti

9:44 PM, Jun 4, 2012   |    comments
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By Ann Rubin

Cahokia, IL (KSDK) - There's outrage tonight in a Cahokia neighborhood, after residents found derogatory and racist graffiti painted on their cars over the weekend.

Police have been canvassing the St. Joseph neighborhood, looking for witnesses.

Meanwhile, the victims were left with a lot of blue paint and brutal language to wipe away.

Delphya Trimble couldn't believe what someone painted on her car.

"KKK. I'm like really KKK? People still do that? I was kinda shocked," said Trimble.

And she wasn't alone.

Over a four-block area in the St. Joseph subdivision, vandals spray painted racial slurs and some about sexual orientation, as well as swastikas and graphic images of male anatomy.

In total six cars were hit. At this point, Cahokia Police do not believe the victims were specifically targeted.

"We believe it was more random simply because at least three of the victims were white although there were racial slurs painted on their vehicles," said Sgt. Robert Pipkens.

They say some of the images and misspellings lead them to believe the vandals might be kids.

But they say they take this kind of crime very seriously.

"It's obviously not something we want going on in our town regardless of whether it was kids or adults. But we're going to do our best to get to the bottom of it," said Sgt. Pipkens.

"I just came outside and tried to hurry up and wipe it off before my kids saw it," said Trimble.

Fortunately for the Trimble, the paint didn't leave a mark.

But they say the hateful words did.

"You can't hate nobody, especially for their skin color. You can't hate nobody for their orientation, their religion. So it's ignorance. It happens," said Nick Trimble.

Delphya Trimble added, "I just don't understand why in this day and age, this is 2012, and we're still dealing with KKK issues."

Investigators are still hoping witnesses will come forward. Anyone with information should call Cahokia Police at 618-337-9505.


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