Police search for more victims of William Clyde Gibson

8:04 PM, Jun 20, 2012   |    comments
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By Jaimie Weiss

Starlight, IN (WAVE/CNN) - There's a new search for more possible victims of an accused serial killer in Indiana.

The search is happening in the town of Starlight.

When William Clyde Gibson rented a trailer from Mike Missi's parents that used to stand where only cement blocks remain, he never though much of it.

"He seemed like a nice guy, he showed me a little carving he had done of a motorcycle that was about this size and it was excellent," said Missi.

Gibson only stayed about nine months back in 1999 and 2000. It wasn't until Gibson's arrest a couple of months ago that Missi's mother reminded him about their tenant whose name showed up in the paper after police charged him with three murders.

"I read something in the paper he had lived in Floyd County since he was 2-years-old if I remember reading it correctly and I thought no he didn't because he lived up here for that short period," said Missi.

That's when Missi says he contacted police to let them know in case they wanted to search the area.

That's exactly what's been happening for the last several days. Missi says Gibson told police he buried two bodies on his 35 acre property.

On Tuesday, Gibson was back at his old home to show police where. Missi says the two actually chatted for a minute.

"He remembered and I just told him I hope he has God in his life and that I appreciated him cooperating with the detectives, they were just doing their job," said Missi.

After about a day and a half police say they did not find anything back in the wooded area that Gibson pointed out, so they decided to dig behind where the trailer was. All the while, Missi hopes if Gibson did kill anyone and dumped them there, police will find them.

Police said if they do not find anything behind the trailer they will stop digging on the property, unless Gibson gives them new information.


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