Patrick Mikes, Jr. charged with murdering Patrick Mikes, Sr.

8:06 PM, Aug 10, 2012   |    comments
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By Smita Kalokhe

Montrose Township, MI (WXYZ/CNN) - A Michigan father's body has reportedly been found, dumped on the side of a cornfield.

Police say the body is Patrick Mikes, Sr., who had been missing for the past two weeks.

Police have arrested his son for the father's murder, after finding signs of a violent conflict.

Crews spent 12 hours combing cornfields in Montrose Township looking for the body of Patrick Mikes, Sr.

"A search team that night was within about 30-feet of the body, when we called for the termination of that search," said Captain Robert Redmond with the Troy, Michigan Police Department.

An hour and a half after the search resumed Friday morning, officers found whom they believe to be Patrick Mikes. His body was found unburied in a cornfield on Morris Road near Lake.

"A bike matching the description of the bike being searched for was found about 15-feet away from the body," said Captain Redmond.

Police have charged his son, Patrick Mikes, Jr., with open murder.

DNA testing linked both Mikes Sr. and Jr. to the basement of the family home, where police believe the father was killed.

Even before the body was found, investigators believed Mikes was killed by blunt force trauma and large amounts of blood were found at the crime scene.

"When we recently arrested and charged Patrick Mikes, Jr. with murder, we did not give up our search for his father. We continued to search for Mister Mikes because it was the right thing to do," said Captain Redmond.


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