Shots fired at thief by elderly man robbed with friends on Olive

7:49 AM, Aug 11, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - Police say the search is on for an armed robber who held three senior citizens at gunpoint Friday night, then exchanged shots with one of the victims as the bandit made his getaway.

Authorities say the incident unfolded around 10:50 p.m. Friday when the robber approached four senior citizens who were walking in the 4500 block of Olive Street.  The suspect; described as a man between 35 and 45 years old, about five foot seven or eight inches tall, wearing a white shirt and black jeans. 

The victims say the man also had a semi automatic handgun, and instructed all four vicrtims to drop their money and valuables.  After gathering up the loot, the suspect fled to a nearby maroon Ford pick-up truck with a black camper shell.

One of the victims; a 71 year old man who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon opened fire on the robber, who then turned back towards the victims and exchanged shots.  Police do not believe the victim was struck.

None of the victims were injured.  They were described as a 71 year old man and woman, a 69 year old woman, and an 83 year old woman. 

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