Man falls out of car, tries to kidnap child

5:01 PM, Sep 10, 2012   |    comments
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By Sharita Hutton

Kansas City, MO (WDAF/CNN) - A couple in Kansas City stopped to help a man who had fallen out of the car, when they say he turned on them and tried to take their baby.

It's a bizarre story and police are investigating.

The victim-turned-suspect is believed to have been high on PCP.

It all started along Interstate 70 and Blue Ridge Boulevard when a witness telling Fox4 a man fell out of a car before being run over. People quickly started coming to his aid.

Sara Morris and her husband were some of those helpers, with their two kids safely secured in the back seat. That's when the man got up and things got scary.

"He tried to get in the driver's side," said Morris.

The door was locked, but the back seat driver's side wasn't. Inside was one-month-old Emily.

"He was trying to take the baby, fast and I was just hanging on to the car seat," said Morris.

"He was just trying to grab her out of the backseat, and I got out and grabbed him and told him let go of my daughter, and he wouldn't let go," said Matthew Nicotra.

Fox4 is now learning the suspect is in the center of another legal matter. He is trying to gain custody of his two other kids after the death of his daughter last month.

"It's been a very traumatic, hard experience for him," said his friend, Amy Maurer.

Ada Bowman was killed in August in Joplin, Missouri. Ada's mother and boyfriend are facing charges.

The boyfriend admitted to throwing the child against a wall.

The suspect was not involved, but according to friends is still feeling the pain.

"But in no means was he trying to cause harm to this child. His daughter passed 32 days ago, and when he saw that baby he snapped," said Maurer.

The parents say the baby is doing fine.

The suspect was hospitalized and could face charges including attempted child abduction.


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