Israel Keyes enjoyed killing, according to FBI

8:58 PM, Dec 7, 2012   |    comments
Credit: AP/file.
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Associated Press

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Authorities deduced from hours of interviews with an Alaska serial killer that he took lives for pleasure and that he may have killed close to a dozen people.

Israel Keyes confessed to killing eight people before he committed suicide last weekend in an Anchorage jail. But FBI and Anchorage Police Department investigators said Friday they think he may have had up to three additional victims.

FBI Special Agent Jolene Goeden acknowledges authorities don't know for sure because Keyes took that information with him when he killed himself Sunday.

Three of the eight people Keyes confessed to killing have been identified, but he provided few details about the other five.

Goeden and Anchorage Police officer Jeff Bell conducted up to 40 hours of interviews with Keyes after his March arrest in Texas. Goeden says the interviews revealed Keyes enjoyed killing and got a "rush" from it.

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