"Cone Of Shame" draws fire

12:46 PM, May 10, 2012   |    comments
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WFLA - A Florida high school teacher could be out of a job after she was accused of disciplining students by having them wear a cone-shaped dog collar.

The teacher and her ninth-grade students referred to the collar as the "cone of shame," a reference inspired by the Disney movie "Up," the letter said.

Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp placed the cone on at least eight students.

She's now on unpaid leave.

Tanisha Medina, one of Bailey-Cutkomp's students who wore the collar said she knew it was a joke and allowed the collar to be put on for fun.

"She came up behind me ... and she said, 'Is it fine?' I said, "Yeah, sure, it's fine,'" Medina said.

She said Bailey-Cutkomp didn't fasten the collar; she just held it closed loosely with her hand.

Medina said another student asked to have the collar put on, and the teacher asked students before putting the collar on them.

Someone took pictures.

"Everybody was just joking around with it," she said, "and some kid, I don't know what he did, he ruined it for all of us," Medina said.

Zephyrhills High administrators learned about the incident when the photographs from the class were posted on Facebook.

They questioned the teacher about the situation on April 13.

Bailey-Cutkomp could not be reached for comment.


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