Ebony Boykin beats the odds

6:58 PM, May 10, 2012   |    comments
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By Talia Kaplan

St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - It's an exciting time of year for students preparing to graduate. And getting there is hard work. One Normandy High School student had to go through more than most to make it to her big day.

Ebony Boykin is a senior at Normandy High School. The honor student is the chief editor of the school paper, she's on the student council, and is a varsity cheerleader. Not to mention she has a 3.85 grade point average.

Boykin grew up without a father figure, she moved from state to state, and lived in several homeless shelters. Despite everything she has gone through she always dreamt she could achieve anything she set her mind to.

Boykin says the show "Gilmore Girls" introduced her to Ivy League schools and once she researched and learned more about them she knew that is where she wanted to be. She applied early decision to Columbia University and got accepted. She got a full scholarship.

"Getting into Columbia definitely teaches me that just keeping the faith and not giving up it pays off. And it just teaches me if you hang in there you can have anything you want if you are willing to work hard for it," said Boykin.

Boykin says she is excited to explore New York City and to be around people who love to learn just like her.

She plans to become a journalist and has dreams of one day becoming the President of the United States.


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